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***Sample Cover Letter for Submission to the IHS IRB***

March 28, 2002

Name of Chair
Indian Health Service Institutional Review Board

Dear Name:

Enclosed please find the protocol and consent form for the study, “Name of Study.” I have also enclosed a copy of the State University Institutional Review Board’s approval, dated January 12, 2002, and the Tribal Council’s approval, dated December 15, 2001.

We propose to conduct a population-based study of all tribal members age 60 and greater on the Tribe Reservation. Individuals participating in the project will receive both a comprehensive medical evaluation at the Tribal Health and Wellness Center and a safety and functional evaluation in their home performed by a tribal member. While providing researchers at State University data regarding the prevalence of dementia and other chronic disabilities, the study also offers valuable information to both individual tribal members and the Tribal community.

We have met with both staff and tribal members on the reservation on several occasions to discuss this project. We have received official approval of the project from both the Tribal Council and the Health and Welfare Committee.

We have scheduled a trip to the reservation on June 3, 2002, to begin this project. We would appreciate your informed review and approval of the enclosed material. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at (503) 555-5555, extension 555. I will serve as the contact person for this project. We look forward to your comments and approval.


Jane Doe, MD, Principal Investigator

John Doe, RN, MN, Co-Principal Investigator
***Sample IHS Service Unit Letter of Support***

December 15, 2001

Jane Doe, MD
State University
PO Box 12
Anycity, Northwest State, 99999

Dear Dr. Doe:

This letter is to inform you that the Service Unit has reviewed and supports your research study titled, “Name of Study.” It...
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