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1 The

Constitution of

2 Liga Filipina

The Constitution of Liga Filipina

Article I: Name of Organization - Liga Filipina

The name Liga Filipina derives its name from the revolutionary group La Liga Filipina, led by Jose Rizal against Spain. It is the Filipino Cultural Organization of the State University of New York at Albany.

Article II: Purpose

A. To promote unity among Filipino students and those interested in Filipino culture.

B. To represent Filipino students in the school and the community through service.

C. To provide members various social activities pertaining to Filipino culture and/or other interests of the members.

D. To promote and encourage interaction and mutual understanding amongst the club’s members.

E. To provide forums for contemporary issues faced by Filipinos and Filipino Americans.

F. To educate and influence the outside community on Filipino culture.

Article III: Membership

A. Any student is eligible for membership including non-Filipinos. The majority of Liga Filipina members will be State University at Albany undergraduate students.

B. Before the first meeting of the academic year, dues for Liga Filipina will be decided by the Executive Board.

Article IV: Organization

A. General Assembly:

1. The General Assembly shall be made up of the members of Liga Filipina. 2. The General Assembly will meet at least twice a semester. 3. Quorum shall consist of four-sixths of the E-board and two-fifths of the General Assembly.

B. Executive Board:

1. The Executive Board consists of six offices: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Personal Relations and Head Cultural (cultural chair). 2. The Executive Board will meet at least twice a month.

3. Executive Officers are authorized to speak and act to further benefit the interests of Liga Filipina. 4. Executive Officers are responsible for all communications and actions issued under their title during their tenure. 5. Executive Officers are responsible for teaching younger members the internal structure of Liga Filipina, significantly the Board of Directors.

C. Board of Directors:

1. The Board of Directors shall be revised every year to reflect the needs and wants of Liga Filipina. a. The revision shall be decided by the newly elected Executive Board to reflect the needs and wants of the members of Liga Filipina. 2. Here are the possible board of directors positions:

Community Service Director, FIND Director, Sports Chair, Social Chair and Political Chair. 3. The Executive Board shall appoint the Board of Directors. 4. The Board of Directors should be present at each Executive Board meeting and General Assembly. 5. The Board of directors is authorized to speak and act to further benefit the interests of Liga Filipina and the members. 6. The Board of Directors is responsible for establishing committees.

Article V: Official Duties of Executive Board Members

A. The Duties and Powers of the President:
The Presidency is the office specifically catering to the organization’s external affairs.

1. The President is hereby empowered to carry out this Constitution. a. The President will have the authority to take any action necessary in accordance with this constitution to develop Liga Filipina further. 2. The President shall have the power to set all meetings and agenda for said meetings. 3. The President will be responsible for the operation of Liga Filipina as a whole. 4. The President will also be responsible to the Student Association, and thereby: a. The President is required to take the annual Controller’s Treasurer’s Exam in the fall of their term. - Should the President fail to take or pass the Controller’s Exam, Liga...
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