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1. Introduction
2. Business ideas
3. Requirements to success in my business
4. Entrepreneurship
5. Objective
6. SWOT Analysis
7. Financial, Legal, Marketing, Operational and Business viability 8. Conclusion
9. Reference

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1/ Introduction:
After the 3D movie blockbuster of American film called "Avatar" released worldwide in 2009, a lot of cinemas in the world also start the movie with this technology. In particular, a few years ago, to demand of customers as well as improving the quality of business, there are many investors have invested ''3D coffee''. 3D Coffee is gradually developing into a movement entertainment healthy. It looks like a new air crept into the lifestyle of young people.

2/ Business idea:
* Create a unique coffee shop, where customers can enjoy nice coffee cups and watch blockbuster movies together. * Establishing a high-speed system of wireless for customers can access free. * This would be an ideal location for family or couple want to relax and talking. 3/ Requirements to succeed in your business:

* Location: The first restaurant should be located in a busy residential area to attract a lot of customers in Sydney. After the first 3D restaurant succeeds, there is more 3D coffee shops will be opened. When brand of shop was known in a lot of cities, we should get franchised and starting this business in other big cities.

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* Pricing strategy: Give customer a price of product consistent with cost rate. Organizing regular promotions to customers and discount special days. * Quality strategy: maintaining and development the company production that has been consumed widely in the consumer market as well as improve the poor quality production. * Advertising and Promotion strategy:To attract client’s that 3D coffee shop would advertise through TV, radio, magazine, Face book and internet. The shop should have advertising strategies to clients through networking communities. Promotional activities for all products sometimes are showed such as discount activities, promotions and big events to compete with other shops as well as provide information about the restaurant to customers. * Customer service: Creating a professional staffs with higher responsibility. They should be friendly and patient with customers to make customers feeling comfortable and enjoy their visit.

4/ Entrepreneurship:
* Design the shop: there are three floors.
+ The first floor: This floor for staff only, there are bar, toilet, etc. + The second floor: there is one large room with a capacity of 30 people, it can be used to organize offline, enjoy music Audiophile, Lossless lyrical, gentle, combined watch HD movie blockbuster.

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+ The third floor: there are 10 rooms with 5 rooms for groups of friends, families can sit comfortably that have large screen (120 inch), large space, polite, audio system modernization and 5 rooms for couples, friends with private space, romantic, seat systems extremely relaxing. All rooms are equipped with HD projector - 3D and it can serve 3D movies with high quality. * Customer: The majority of the customers is young people who looking for new things and want to try the different feelings. In addition, this shop also serves international customers who want to find where they can have both their own space to watch movie, enjoy coffee and talk together, so that this is an ideal location. 5/ Business Objectives:

A/ The common purpose: Give to customers of all ages who need somewhere for entertainment, relaxation and...

References: * Principles of Marketing (26/09/2011) 5th edition, Person Australia.
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