Pikachu's Great Adenture. an Analysis of Tobins Work

Topics: Television, Television program, Television network Pages: 4 (1187 words) Published: September 1, 2013
In Tobin’s work on the Pikachu’s global adventure, Tobin describes how Pokémon became a global sensation in two versions. The first is based on the perspective of the corporation that produced Pokémon and the second is based on the perspective of the children. In the first version, Tobin describes how Nintendo (the producers of Pokémon) aimed to brain wash children everywhere. Nintendo hired Tajiri Satoshi, a brilliant game designer who created the Pokémon game which was based on a mythical world in which the trainer had to capture and train imaginary creatures. Tobin explains how the plan of the game profited the company in real time. In the game, gamers try to catch all the creatures (“catch’em all”) mean while, in real world the children pressurise (nag) their parents into buying Pokémon merchandise. Nintendo believed that the Pokémon franchise would sweep the global market because they believed young minds were “vulnerable, gullible and would spend most of their time and money on buying Pokémon merchandise.” Tobin explains that the Pokémon franchise was a success because “Nintendo has created the perfect synergy between its interconnecting domains (hardware, software, toys, TV, movies, cards) and one whose purchase can never be completed. It is in fact impossible to catch them all.” This version of Pikachu’s Global Adventure can be portrayed through Globalization from above because Nintendo is recognized as being driven by a combination of economic, technological, and cultural factors. Nintendo produces merchandise so that people of all ages across the globe can consume them. Using means of marketing and advertising Nintendo are successful in penetrating the global market. In the second version, Tobin describes the adaptation of children towards Pokémon. In this version he explains that Nintendo’s success was not based on good marketing and advertising but was because of the interests of the children. Soon after release, Pokémon swept the Japanese market,...

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