Pharmacy Service Improvement at Cvs

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Pharmacy Service Improvement at CVS
Yes, although CVS attracted 8.5 million new regular customers over the course of one year, approximately 7.2 million customers left CVS during the same period. These regular customers accounted for an estimated 55 million annual prescriptions, which would have contributed to $2.5 billion in revenue. Data Entry: Inform remaining refills explicitly with customer and on easy to read drug cases. Ask patient if CVS should contact doctor at each instance of “last refill.” As customers drop off their prescriptions, have a form ready to be filled out. This form should ask questions regarding changes made to insurance carriers, jobs, weight, DOB, or any other significant or pertinent data that would disrupt the flow of the production of the prescription. CRM to distinguish which prescriptions are from heavy customers and light customers. Increase buffer from 1 hour to 2 hours, and file prescriptions electronically instead of paper and bins. Stack employee work schedules to accommodate busy times, especially after regular working hours. Pick up:

Train techs to ease customer inquiries.
Open up 2+ windows fed by a single line to decrease wait times. We determined that approximately 92.5% of customers were “light users” and the remaining 7.5% were “heavy users.” We calculated these percentages using the data given in the HBS case. If a light user is defined by having an average of 5 scripts a year, and if a heavy user is defined by having an average of 40 scripts a year, then the results should indicate that light users account for the majority of regular customers. Using a system of equations, we calculated the light users to account for 92.5% of the regular customers, and the remaining 7.5% to be heavy users. Installing an easy to use IT system for technicians and pharmacists, alike. Extensive training to ensure...
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