Persuasive Essay on Television

Topics: Television, Broadcasting, Childhood Pages: 4 (1314 words) Published: September 6, 2011
September 2, 2011

The first known television service in the United Sates was in July of 1928. The broadcast was put out by C.F. Jenkins, who was given permission by the Federal Radio Commission to broadcast 48-line film images in a suburb of Washington D.C. Since then, television has come a long way. It has gone from single black and white images to a myriad of different options and possibilities, as a matter of fact, even 3D television is an option in today’s high technology dependent world. It was in 1931 when CBS, a station still intact today began the first seven day broadcasting scheduling. The lineup was much different than it is today. In 1931 CBS offered Mayor of New York Jimmy Walker, the Boswell sisters, George Gershwin, and Kate Smith, all of which were musicians with the exception of Mayor Walker. It was in 1939 when one of the most recognized T.V. stations today, NBC, started broadcasting a regular weekly schedule, opening with the New York World’s Fair. By 1947 there were 44,000 television sets in the United States with about 30,000 of them being in the New York area. By 1953 color television had been introduced to the Americans that had television sets.

Now and days, television isn’t as few and far as it used to be. Over half of America’s population has a television set in their home, and 66 percent of those homes own more than one television set. Obviously there has been a large jump between 1953 when less than half of the population owned a T.V. to now where almost 99 percent of Americans own at least one. There has been much advancement in the television set as well. No longer do we have bulky sets that take up half of a room. There are many small sized options now, such as hanging them on the wall, or Plasma screen Television sets that are slimmer in size then regular standing sets. There have also been many advancements in what is being broadcasted as well as the changes in the sets themselves. The past’s three television stations have...
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