p3 btec business level 3 tesco

Topics: Sales, Marketing, Customer service Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: May 9, 2014
Tesco Research Methods
Primary Research - This is research done by the business:
Club Card Tesco have a scheme where customers sign up to a club card providing their information, from these customers can build up points which they can pay for items, Tesco can use this information to create a database and send direct mail and emails to customers. The club card shows what customers are buying so Tesco can send offers to customers on items they frequently buy. Tesco can look at selling patterns to perform direct mail, with offers or money off weekly shops. Focus Groups Tesco may focus on the finest range so it can be improved either by the packaging taste, look or ingredients. This will give Tesco feedback on how the3y should make their products to increase sales of the item; Tesco will hire an outside company to do this so it is not biased. Mystery Shopper This is when a random person comes into the store to do certain tests on the service and standards of Tesco they will test levels of customer service and to see that staff follow procedures, staff will just think it is a normal customer. Taste Test Tesco will also have taste test around their stores with a promotion directly linked. This will increase sales of products. They also get feedback off customers on the product so if it does well Tesco will start selling the product in...
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