Outback Steakhouse - Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Customer satisfaction survey: Outback Steakhouse

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction survey: Outback Steakhouse


Outback Steakhouse is a multinational restaurant chain operating throughout the United States and in 18 other countries including Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and many more countries worldwide, (Outback Steakhouse, 2013). In most basic terms, Outback Steakhouse could be described as an Australian themed steakhouse. The restaurant offers a casual dining experience with menu offering a wide variety of selections that will fit most guests’ preferences. As common with casual dining restaurants guests are seated and served by wait staff and pay for their meal after eating. The casual dining restaurant industry is highly competitive business with many chain restaurants competing for the same customers. Research has shown that the “demand for casual dining is driven by personal income, consumer tastes, and demographics”, (Hoovers, 2013). It is important for all businesses in the casual dining industry to ensure they’re meeting and exceeding customer expectations and demands. In order to meet those demands the company must learn what their customers expect from their casual dining experience. One way of reaching out to customers for insight into their experiences and expectations is with a customer satisfaction survey. Customer satisfaction surveys are extremely important for all businesses selling a product or service to consumers. “Surveys get the pulse of your customers by revealing their satisfaction levels and preferences”, (Information Week, 2008). By implementing a customer satisfaction survey the managers of the local Outback Steakhouse will be better informed about the positive and negative aspects of their service directly from the customers themselves. “In an era of high competition and expectations, customer satisfaction surveys are essential tools for listening to customers about their satisfaction levels, and for developing strategies for improvement”, (eSurvey Pro, 2013). In this particular case a combination of closed-ended, multiple-choice and open-ended questions were used. This provides the surveyor an opportunity to collect data that is easier to analyze as with closed-ended and multiple-choice questions, but also allows the customer an opportunity to elaborate or branch if necessary. Method

Recently a customer satisfaction survey was conducted at a local Outback Steakhouse restaurant (Appendix A). A group of 10 customers (10 tables surveyed; 1 survey per table) that had just finished their meal were approached to assist in a brief customer satisfaction survey about their experience dining at the restaurant. This afforded the surveyor the opportunity to collect data while the experience was still fresh in the customers mind. By giving customers an outlet to express their opinions and to vent possible frustrations you are able to gather a lot of valuable information. The customer satisfaction survey addresses many facets of their experience to gauge various satisfaction levels and to better identify areas that need the most improvement. The first step in the process was to develop the actual survey that would be distributed to customers. Research was done to compare other customer satisfaction surveys used by competitors in the restaurant industry. There were many similarities between the various surveys and the final survey for Outback customers is also written and compiled in a similar manner. There are also many resources available over the Internet to help develop effective customer satisfaction surveys for various fields of business. Developing the survey and writing the questions is an important step in the process because you must ensure that each of the questions serve a purpose and is written clearly and concisely. The customer shouldn’t feel burdened by the survey and if there are too many...

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