Organogram of Square Toiletries

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Assignment on
Organogram Analysis of Square Toiletries
(A Concern of Square Group)

Executive Summary
An organogram of a business company reflects the pattern of its internal management. Square Toiletries has a standard organogram.

Square Toiletries is a private limited company. It was established in 1988. Its products include: soap and liquid soap, tooth paste, tooth powder, sanitary napkin, hair oil, lip gel and so on.

The study was conducted to collect the organogram of Square Toiletries Limited and have a thorough analysis of the same. The study was conducted following scientific methodologies.

The study of the organogram of Square Toiletries Ltd (STL) shows most of the characteristics features of a successful management.

The STPL has a strong management with a Board of Directors with a Chairman at the top of the PYRAMID. The Board decides on all policy matters while the Managing Director leads the whole process of implementing the policies. The Board sits in annual general meeting (AGM) once in a year. The Board also meets monthly to review business progress in terms of both quality and quantity, solve problems, to draw new project proposals, review monthly fund requirements and so on. Monthly/periodic coordination meetings are used as another major management tool for monitoring. Besides the Board, an Advisory body does also function to provide timely guidance.

The Managing Director functions as the CEO and is supported by a strong team comprising Generals Managers, Deputy General Managers, Assistant Managers, Zonal Managers, Area Managers and other executives. STPL divides Bangladesh into 6 zones including 2 (two) in Dhaka for facilitating satisfactory promotion/sales of the company’s products.

The STPL runs as many as 12 (twelve) departments and 18 brands.

An 8-member Board of Directors provides all policy supports. Decisions are taken at the Body’s meetings with vote of the majority members. Operational matters are decided by particular departments. Directors are shareholders and owners of the company.

The Marketing Department is especially entrusted with the task of ensuring profitability of the company.

The company’s activities are regularly monitored by field visit, coordination meeting and, monthly/periodical progress report.

The services of the employees of STPL are regulated under standard service rules. STPL follows a women friendly HR policy. STPL is an equal opportunity employer. Quality and skill are what counts with STPL.

Manpower setting is planned prior to their employment. At Square Toiletries, over 2,200 employees are employed.

The organogram of Square Toiletries Ltd is one of the standard organograms usually found among business houses.

Table of Contents

1.0. Introduction04
1.1 An overview of Square Toiletries Ltd04
2.0 Objectives05
3.0 Methodology05
4.0 Major Findings06
4.1 Management patterns06
4.1.1 The Managing Director and key-players07
4.2 Departments07
4.3 Policy Formulating and Decision making Process08
4.4 Finance09
4.5 Business and Profitability09
4.6 Monitoring System09
4.7 Adaptation with organizational Culture09
4.7.1Common Issues09
4.7.2Gender Sensitivity10
4.8 Diversity management10
4.9 Manpower setting10
5.0 Similarities/Dissimilarities with Theoretical management11 6.0 Recommendations
7.0. References

Assignment on
Organogram Analysis of Square Toiletries
(A Concern of Square Group)

1.0 Introduction
An organogram of a business company reflects the pattern of its internal management. It is like a mirror wherein different features of management of a company as well as its major involvements and functions are reflected. World famous Square Group in general and its sister concern Square Toiletries in particular do have their respective organogram...
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