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Question 1: provide a definition/ description of strategic planning process, addressing the critical issues/questions the process takes into account. Answers
(a) Strategic planning process is an organization’s process, which is designed to identify a long-term goal or direction to develop the organization, and put into practice. Strategic planning guides conversations about an organization’s purpose, helps integrate perspectives from multiple stakeholders, and provides the steps to develop goals and objectives that will move the organization’s forward. (b) The specific issues would be various due to different standards and analysis techniques which applied to strategic planning. However, generally it is critical to cover these aspects as follows. Identifying the nonprofit organization's direction and mission. What’s the reason of the organizations exist?

What do the organizations try to accomplish?
How do the organizations to do to achieve their goals?
What are the organization’s guiding principles?
Evaluating the Internal and External Environment, Clarifying Critical Issues An assessment of internal environment
Strengths and weaknesses
An assessment of the external/market environment
All organizations are under the operations with complex political, social and macroeconomic changes, so a sensible plan must reflect the assumptions that management people makes about the external environment under their study in various factors, such as economic and demographic trends, policy changes, technical updates, so that enable the management to find the challenges and opportunity nonprofit organization faced. Formulating the nonprofit organization's Strategy and Setting Long-term Objectives Strategy is the method used to achieve the mission of the organization, and these methods may be included in the organization's mission statement. Strategy planning should be based on the results of analysis in step2. Determining Specific Goals and Action Plan

Specific goal is a set of specific, short-term results to be reached, in order to achieve long-term goals of the organizations. The cumulative number of specific targets and interactions will lead to long-term goal of eventually reached, which bears the philosophical principle of quantitative change to qualitative change. Establishing Monitoring and Evaluation Mechanisms

Strategic planning should includes the monitoring and evaluation mechanisms on Progress of implementation, which includes plans to develop periodic review, update or modify the strategic long-term goals and specific objectives.

Question 2: Identify the key elements of strategic planning process providing a brief description of each element. Answers
Developing a strategy for organization growth requires the leaders deepen the understanding of the way an organization works and its position relative to other organization in your target field. As a starting point, you need to ask yourself the following three questions: Where is your organization now? This involves understanding as much about your organization as possible. Where do you want to take it? This is at the heart of the strategic planning process. Leaders need to set out the top-level objectives. Work out your vision, mission, objectives, values, techniques and goals. What do you need to do to get there? What changes will you need to make in order to deliver on your strategic objectives? What is the best way of implementing those changes? Typically there are 10 steps in strategic planning process

Initiate and agree on a strategic planning process.
Identify organizational mandates.
Clarify organizational mission and values.
Assess the external and internal environments to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Identify the strategic issue facing the organization.
Formulate strategies to manage the issues.
Review and adopt the strategic plan or plans.
Establish an effective organizational vision.
Develop an effective...
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