Online Customer Database and Inventory System

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The Great Food Corporation is using a manual system for their Inventory System. The inaccuracies of information were minimal, like the identification of units supply and sometimes the personnel were making a mistake with the number of units—but the possibility of encountering a more difficulties and tedious task was still at hand. One of the problems that the company would like to include in the study was the lack manpower in the inventory department. In inventory department, GFC only had four personnel to invent the supply to be deliver in the customer. The outcome was that the company had a hard time in accommodating those large numbered supply, and that made it hard for other customer to wait in line. Another problem of the company was the generation of forms. The customers needed to fill-up the Order slip, Request slip, and Receipt for the copy and record of the accounting office, the inventory department and for the customer themselves. Customer were consuming a lot of time in doing such. Since the customer are manually filling-up the official documents the company, data redundancy has a great possibility in causing further complexity in the ordering process.

Objective of the Study
To develop an Online Customer Monitoring and Supplies Inventory System for Great Food Corporation that will compensate the company's lack of manpower, file-handling, and fast generation of forms and other documents.

Significance of the Study
The Company
The main beneficiary of the study is Goson Food Corporation. GFC would be adapting the new innovation of technology through web that will make their work with optimum performance. The developed system will compensate the flaws and problems that the company is encountering. Employees would not have to worry preparing forms for the customers and reports for the managers because the system will supply it for them....
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