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Dear ,

We are pleased to offer you a position of _______________ and initially reporting to the ____________ and based out of Bangalore. Your gross remuneration will be Rs. 11,50,000/- (Rupees Eleven Lakhs and Fifty Thousand Only) Per Annum. Your gross yearly pay structure will be as per annexure A. The company will be deducting tax at source as per the Income tax laws.

We will advice the Board of Directors of AAA Technologies Corporation, to grant you a stock option (the “Öption”) to purchase 5,000 ( Five Thousand Only) shares of common stock of AAA Technologies Corporation, under the AAA Technologies Corporation employee stock option plan.

You will be entitled to medical, hospitalization benefits and leave as per the Company policies. The said offer is contingent upon the completion of necessary formalities by you with our Human Resources Department, and completion of all the employment agreement, satisfactory to the company.

This offer letter is valid till Friday ……….. (3 days max). If not accepted and returned by you on or before such date, this letter will expire and be of no further force or effect. You are expected to join the company by …………….. (3 days max.)

We are confident that you will find AAA a better place to work at and look forward to having a mutually beneficial association. We are also confident that you will meet the responsibilities that the company has entrusted to you and grow in career with us.


For AAa Technologies (India) Private Limited

Vice President - Finance


I, _____________________________S/o______________________ accept this offer and all the terms and conditions as mentioned in this offer letter.

S/d: ____________________________ Date: __________________
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