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Mission Statement
Companion Pups is dedicated to helping people improve their emotional and physical well-being by interacting with dogs. Companion Pups carefully screens and trains therapy dogs for visits to hospitals, senior citizen, assisted living and nursing centers, veteran centers, and child care facilities. Activities

Inspire minds and lift spirits
Shake up daily routines
Stimulate a withdrawn patient or older adult or calm a hyperactive child Relieve loneliness, avoid depression, and trigger memories
Facilitate interaction and conversation
Lower a patient's blood pressure and heart rate, especially before surgery Organization
Companion Pups is 501(c)3 tax-deductible nonprofit organization. It is run by professional staff and volunteers and managed by a Board of Directors. Board of Directors
The board provides policy and direction to meet the strategic goals of Companion Pups and models the highest standards of nonprofit governance. Our volunteer board is made up of the following: President Neil Price

SecretaryLawrence McGowan
Treasurer Natasha Gilman, CPA
Director Nelson Reeves
Director Sue Sanchez
Director Heather Thompson

Annual Events
Companion Pups sponsors several fundraising and educational events each years. Notable events are described below.

Running of the Paws
A half-mile to three mile walk or run for dogs and humans of all fitness levels and breeds. Wag More ReTail Consignment Shop
Gifts for bargain hunters and collectors. Gift certificates make up over a third of sales, and Wag More ReTail won the Street Beat community contest for Best Thrift or Consignment Store for the second year in a row. Designated Charities

The Great Plains Kennel Club allows us to sell raffle tickets for highly coveted gift baskets at all their dog shows. Companion Pups also receives donations from other groups.

Sources of Funding
The generosity of our supporters and success of our events has allowed Companion Pups to provide the...
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