Notice, Agenda, Minutes

Topics: Board of directors, Chairman, Parliamentary procedure Pages: 27 (6071 words) Published: January 14, 2013

Report On
Notice Minutes & Agenda
Submitted to

Arafater Rahman Bhuiyan
BBA (Management) MBA (HRM)

Department of Management
School of Business Administration
Bangladesh University of Business & Technology

Submitted By:
Group : Pioneer(Aguntuk)

Named ID

Sanjy Islam 1096
Albart Jeckson Biswas (C) 1102
Shafiul Islam Abid 1107
Roshan Marshy 1135

Intake 23rd
Bangladesh University of Business & Technology (BUBT)

Date of Submission: 01.01.2011
Letter of Transmittal


Md. Arafater Rahman Bhuiyan
BBA (Management) MBA (HRM)
School of Business Administration
Bangladesh University of Business & Technology (BUBT)

Subject: Submission of a Report “Notice of Agenda Minutes”

Dear Sir,
Here is my Report on “Notice of Agenda Minutes” that you have assigned me to submit as a partial requirement for the course “Business Communication BUS-(202)”. While preparing this Report I have gone through Internet, different books and class lecturer sheets are the sources of relevant information of the assigned topic.

Though I have put my best effort yet it is very likely that the Repot may have some mistakes & that are unintentional. I hope that the Report will meet your expectation.

I shall be glad to answer any kind of question about any matter relating to this Report and I shall be pleased to provide further clarification if necessary.

Your Faithfully

Albart Jeckson Biswas
On behalf of the Group: (BUBT Pioneer)
ID No: 1102
Bangladesh University of business & Technology

All praises to almighty Allah for enabling me to complete my “Report” with good and sound health. At this point I would like to acknowledge some of the people who have made a major contribution to prepare the report. It will be great achievement for me that my honorable teacher Arafater Rahman Bhuiyan Lecturer-Department of Management, School of Business Administration, Bangladesh University of Business & Technology (BUBT) has given necessary suggestions for preparing this Report.

I am highly grateful to Md. Arafater Rahaman Bhulyan who is helped us sincerely in preparing this report although in their work life. I also likely to thank my bosom friend keya Saha who is reading in BUBT. Her Help & cooperation make me easy in preparing this report.

Group BUBT Pioneer

Table of Content


Chapter-01: Introduction8
Executive Summery7
1. Origin of the report9
2. Objective9
3. Scope9
4. Methodology9
5. Data collection9
6. Limitation9

Chapter-02: Notice, agenda, minutes10

1. Definition of Notice11
2. Requisites of a valid Notice11
3. Public notice12
4. Example of public notice13
5. Tender notice16
6. Example of Tender notice17
7. Definition of Agenda18
8. Example of agenda20
9. Agenda’s usefulness20
10. Definition of minutes21
11. Types of minutes21
12. Maintenance of minutes books22
13. Indexing of minutes22
14. Signing of minutes23
15. Hints on the writing of minutes23
16. Specimen Agenda & Minutes of various Board meetings24 17. Statutory Meetings31
18. Annual General Meetings34

Chapter – 03: Findings39

3.1 Findings40

Chapter-04: Recommendation & Conclusions41...

References: 1. Rajendra Pal, Essential Business
Communication ,11th edition, sultan Chand & Sons
2.Google search machine.
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