Not-For-Profit Observation Report

Topics: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Insurance, Board of directors Pages: 3 (547 words) Published: April 12, 2014
Accounting 4304
Written Assignment
Questions for Not-for-Profit Agencies

For the agency which you have selected, provide the following information:

I. Basic Agency Information

A Name of organization
B Address
C Executive Director’s name and title
D Does the organization utilize volunteer? If so, how many and in what capacity? E Describe geographic area that the agency serves
F Is the agency affiliated with a state, regional or national organization? If yes, provide the following information: 1 Nature of the affiliation
2 Control exercised by the organization
3 Services provided by the organization
4 Financial reporting requirements to the organization
5 Fees or dues paid to the organization
G Provide the following information about the Board of Directors: 1 Number of board members
2 Method of rotation, succession and replacement
3 How candidates are chosen for the board
4 Are any members of the Board of Directors also paid employees of the agency? 5 Provide the following information about the Executive Committee: a Number of Executive Committee meetings held in the last fiscal year b Size of the Executive Committee

c Authority of the Executive Committee

II. Agency History

A When was the agency formed? What individuals or groups were responsible for forming the agency? B Describe the history of the agency and its programs

III. Operational and Administrative Policies and Procedures

A Does the agency have written policies and procedures? If so, what do they cover? B Does the agency maintain fidelity bond coverage? If so, what is the amount? C Are employees covered under workers’ compensation insurance? D Is there liability insurance coverage for the Board of Directors members? E What other types of insurance are maintained?

F What are the agency’s goals?
G What is the nature and size of the target population to be served by the agency? H What data does the agency maintain on each program it provides? How is this...
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