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Current Strategy:
The PEST Analysis of Indian automobile industry clearly indicates the strategic importance of Indian automobile industry in the global arena. This is one market which can change fortunes for any automobile company including Nissan. Nissan realized this and decided to enter the market on a large scale. Nissan Motor India Private Ltd. (NMIPL) is a 100% subsidiary of Nissan Motor Limited Japan. The strategies of the company are currently in the preliminary stage and are being worked upon. Nissan follows a 4G strategy for global coordination. Various components of 4G strategies are: 1. Global Training Centre: Its focus is global standardization of training tools and best practices to be implemented at all sites. Its global training centre is located in Japan. The hierarchy at the training centre is Global master trainer at the highest level followed by master trainer, local trainer, and operators in the same order as decreasing level. 2. Global Production Engineering Centre: Its focus is quality Evaluation with Data & Data Transcription to Mass-production. 3. Global Launching Expert: It evaluates preparation status & give practical support. 4. Global Package Design Centre: It works towards efficiency improvement in logistics through digitalization.

Indian Scenario:
Nissan started its operations in India in 2005 with the launch of Nissan X-Trail followed by Nissan Teana in 2007. It currently imports completely built units (CBUs). Nissan decided to fully venture into Indian market in 2009 and set up a manufacturing facility in Chennai with Renault which started production from mid 2010. Nissan-Renault alliance has invested $990 million in the plant with a capacity to produce 400,000 cars. The first vehicle produced was the Nissan Micra, a global sub-compact car. It is destined for the Indian market as well as for export to over 100 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It has also partnered with Bajaj Auto to manufacture an entry level car priced at around $2500. It is constructing a new plant in Pune for the manufacturing of same. The third venture of Nissan is with Hinduja Group owned Ashok Leyland.


As with the existing system in Nissan, an effective appointment system makes it easy for the customers to obtain service when it is required for him. Having an appointment relieves the customer’s apprehensions about the way he will be treated when he brings in his vehicle to Nissan service center. After the customer explains all the problems to the authorized professional, it is all up to the service center people. Job allocation is made to different sections of care services as per the required expertise in hand. This helps in getting a particular diagnosis started for specific faults or breakdown of services. As soon as the preliminary works are done in order to resolve the issues, the service staff seeks customer’s approval for fine-tuning through additional work if and only if they need it to be done. The service center makes it sure that the quality control is not compromised. And then, the vehicle is finally handed over to the customer. But this is not the end of service process, as CRM at the service center also takes care of a proper follow-up process in order to keep track of the customer for future and longing relationship.


A sale being an elaborate nine step process covers all the aspects from reception to follow-up. First comes the “Meet & Greet” stage when customer visits the showroom followed by the “Introduction stage” which makes the customer aware of the models available. Third stage is “Need Analysis” which comprises the analysis of needs & preferences of the...
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