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Following direction is a fundamental skill, taught from an early age. While it may seem logical and even straightforward to follow directions--be they navigational directions, product-usage directions, or procedural or instructional directions, failure to follow directions can be a waste of time. Other times, though, failure to follow directions can be harmful or even fatal.

Product Safety
Not following the directions on a bottle of medication can lead to poisoning, overdosing, or clashes with other medicines, which could kill you. Not following instructions on products like caustic chemicals or aerosols could cause accidents, injuries or death. Education

Students should learn how to follow directions so they can learn how to perform skills efficiently. According to Education World, if students don't learn, teachers waste time fixing direction-following issues that could have been used to educate the students

Numerous facets of modern life require the ability to follow directions. Filling out your tax form using the directions can save you the cost of a tax preparer or the cost of penalties or additional taxes owed. Filling out Department of Motor Vehicle paperwork properly means your paperwork will be processed more quickly. Navigation

“Directions" can also refer to navigation. Failing to follow directions can get you lost. This may lead you to dangerous places, may cause you to be late to your destination, and may create marital discord--particularly if your spouse is in the car with you.

Following instructions is important to make tasks simpler, to ensure things are done effectively, to eliminate confusion and to save time.When instructions are properly followed, things work well. People who follow instructions show that they are cooperative, intelligent and dependable, while not following instructions can lead to life and death situations that may end tragically.

When people do not follow instructions properly, it...
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