Negative Impact of Media on Children

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Negative Impact of Media on Children
Imagine how boring people's lives will be if there is no media in the world. There is a vast variety of media popular today among young students and children. The most typical forms of media include video games, computer games and TV programs. It is an undeniable fact that media is very important in people's daily lives. However, media brings negative influences on young students to some extent. In general, it effects their education, influence the way they think, and they lives with their families. Using too much media has a negative impact on young children because it could be harmful for student test scores, behavior, and communication with family members. First of all, media can negatively affect the student education. Curiosity on interesting things and lack of self-control make young students waste a great deal of time when they study. Also, televisions in the bedroom are linked with lower test score. A study of 348 children in grade 3 shows that there are 71% of these children have a TV in their bedroom, and those who have a TV get 7 to 9 points lower on tests than their classmates who do not have one in the bedroom (Barns, 1). "This study doesn't prove that putting a television in your child's bedroom will decrease his or her test scores, but it does add to the increasing evidence that it's not a good idea," said study co-author Dr. Thomas Robinson of Stanford University's School of Medicine in a release (Barns, 1) . In addition, media not only affects test scores, but also affects performance in the classroom. Students who watch television, movies and video games on school nights do worse in the classroom than peers who don't (Marvin, 1). There is a big issue that links TV to the student's poor performance in classroom. Researchers in New Zealand followed about 1,000 children until age 26 found those who watched the most hours of TV as children and teens seemed less likely to finish high school,...
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