Negative Effects of Television

Topics: Television, Cathode ray tube, Talk show Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: December 6, 2006
Negative Effects of Television
I believe television is a predator to human society. I think TV has a great negative effect on people who watch it too much. It sucks you in and wastes a lot of your time. I believe television is the reason for so many people to be out of shape. Not only are you immobile but people also have a tendency to snack while they are watching TV. They eat unhealthy food and don't take the time to exercise afterwards. Children who watch TV hear coarse language and see violence, crime, use of drugs, and sex. Many programs are not educational at all. Most are fictional cartoons or movies that don't teach you anything. Most parents want their young children to learn and watch educational programs but they are not always able to watch them. Younger people see things on TV and think it is okay when it is not. They hear someone in a movie swear and they might repeat it around others. Children look up to certain people and if they see someone on TV doing something like drinking or smoking they might think it is cool and copy that person. Families don't have enough time together because they are glued to the TV set. They may watch TV with each other but they aren't usually able to talk with each other while the TV is on. Meal times are often spent at the TV instead of at the table interacting with each other. Many children will not have as good imaginations as others because TV doesn't require you to use your brain at all. People also lose sleep because they don't want to miss a show that is on late. TV has an enormous negative affect on people and on society. They should limit the time they spend watching TV and should choose programs carefully.
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