Topics: Nationalism, Nation, Joan of Arc Pages: 1 (405 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Nationalism can be defined as a feeling of a group of people, united together by powerful ties such as, common race, language, and culture. It is an extremely effective force that influences the life of mankind politically, socially and economically. The essence of nationalism binds the diverse people together as one. It promotes a spirit of unity among the people. The source talks about how essential nationalism is, to one nation. It shows how without nationalism, there would be indifference, terror and desperation. The author sees nationalism as a very important factor in creating a unified environment for the people in one country. The source strongly agrees that nationalism is in fact, the most significant ingredient in reaching a common goal. Wars can be harmful to a country but it makes the people to unite, especially when their nation is threatened by an enemy. The essence of nationalism binds the diverse people into a strong bond. The patriotic feelings of the people are provoked when there is a threat from another nation that may harm their own. People can have a temporary amnesia of their differences of status and beliefs. They stand hand in hand to fight against the enemy. The people of India, regardless of their religion fought as one for a common goal. They wanted the British to leave their country and in 1947, the British left India because of the spirit of nationalism showed. Nationalism exposes courage and bravery to ordinary people. One example is laying down your life for the sake of your own country. Joan of Arc, nicknamed the ``Maid of Orleans`` wanted to recover France from English domination late in the Hundred Years' War. She was captured and burnt alive when she was 19 years old. To the present day, she has remained a significant figure in Western Civilization. Nationalism recognizes the privilege of all nations to protect their distinct identity of languages and culture. However, people`s differences can be disregarded for a common...
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