My Favorite Place to Be

Topics: Carne asada, Television, Baja California Pages: 1 (410 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Lizeth Ruvalcaba
Eng 98
First draft
My house is a common house; it was built several years ago. It is located in Mexicali Baja California in a popular avenue called Constitution. It has trees on the sidewalk, a little backyard, and a big yard next to the house. Inside the house there are three bedrooms, one for my parents, another for my big sister, and the last is for my little girls and me. Most of the people who visit my house say that they feel comfortable because the atmosphere inside the house is relaxing. A family home is the best place to be. I enjoy being at home for several reasons. First of all, I can spend time with my family. Since I have to go to school all day, and my parents have to work most of the time, we don’t have time to be together during the week. However on weekends I like to be at home because I can do several things with my family. Sometimes we cook carne asada, and we invite other relative to spend time together. Another reason is because I can do whatever I want in my house. If I want to spend all day in bed watching TV, the only place I can do it is at my house because nobody say anything. Also if I want to watch movies with my friends, I can invite them to my house. We can watch the movie in my bedroom; we don’t have to go to Movie Theater to pay for that. We just buy chips, and something to drink, and then we go to watch the movie on my thirty-two inch plasma TV. Everything is comfortable, and most importantly, we don’t have to pay for the movie.

I love my house because I can have all the pets I want. In my house every member of my family have a pet, we have two Chihuahuas inside the house, and two big dogs outside. Because my house has a big yard, I can play with all my pets there. For instance, I throw the ball, and they run to bring it back to me. In addition in the spring time, when the temperature is too high, I put a swimming pool in the backyard. My sister and I spend all the days in the water, and...
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