Mother Teresa

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English Essay – The First – Andy Quan

Andy Quans “The First” uses a wide variety of good techniques to express the effectiveness and understanding of the poem. There are three key techniques, which stand out in this poem. These techniques set the mood and show the viewers the real story behind the poem.

The first technique used to show the effectiveness of this poem is a metaphor. An example of a metaphor in this poem is “narrative of death”. I think that this technique used helped with my understanding of how this person who is talking about their experience is grieving and shows the emotion of sadness and shock. This line tells the reader how much this person is confused and wonders at how it all happened. The impact of the death is described by the metaphor.

Another great technique used is a rhetorical question. “Sleep? A bee?” is an example found in the first stanza of this poem. The effect that it has is making us wonder at how the death happened, and suggesting ways that could’ve caused the accident. The use of the technique in this way shows how Andy Quan was trying to come up with a reason for this unfortunate loss, making necessary excuses of how it could happen.

The third technique that shows the theme of death and grief is imagery. The example found is “who drag around melancholy and nostalgia, luggage too heavy to be allowed on board”. This tells us how much sadness is filled up inside of the teller and how upsetting this lost, as being their first one, really is. This technique also helps to construct the meaning of the poem.

Andy Quan indirectly expresses his emotion by using these three different techniques; metaphor, rhetorical question and imagery. The theme of death and grief is clearly shown throughout all the different examples of techniques. In my opinion, this particular poem expresses its true meaning through well thought phrases and techniques.
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