Morning Glory

Topics: Film, Television, Television program Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: July 4, 2015
MACAPAGAL, JENRY ANN V.August 23, 2014
BMC 1-1Professor Grace T. Muncada
Behind The Television
Morning Glory revolves around young and devoted morning television producer Becky Fuller who gets hired as an executive producer on the long-running morning show DayBreak at a once-prominent but currently failing station in New York City. Eager to keep the show on air, she contracts a former news journalist and anchor who disapproves of co-hosting a show that does not deal with real news stories. The film Morning Glory revealed to me how it is like working for a television program. It showed me that it is not easy to do a single episode of a show. I learned that television stations watch also what the other station’s program is showing. It also made me realize that I it is hard to think on ways how you can revitalize a going dead morning show for it to keep on airing. But, if you are a producer you would not just give up. You would do anything and everything to save your show because that is your job. If you are working on a television show you have to be persistent. You have to collaborate and cooperate with your team. Like what Becky did. She was open to the idea of her co-workers on how they can improve the show. You have to be creative .You have to try to combine new things to see if it would work. It is what Becky did when she placed Mike (a reputable journalist) to the show because she thought that it will gain trust from the viewers and will raise their ratings. When you are doing a live show you must be careful on technicalities because you can be imprisoned for just a minimal error. Like what happened on the film Jimmy Carter became a sexual offender because of the technical error. If you are broadcasting news for a television show it is like a race on who gets to cover the news first. That is what actually raised the ratings of the DayBreak when they were able to cover live and first the arrest of a criminal governor. On one part of the...
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