Mobile Phone and Service Provider

Topics: Mobile phone, GSM, Consumer behaviour Pages: 18 (2961 words) Published: November 13, 2010
“To study consumer preference for selecting mobile Service provider and to measure the effectiveness of sales promotion activity”

A Study Conducted for
Uninor Telecom


1.1 Definition of the Project-
The project is all about to study the buying behaviour of customer while selecting a GSM service provider and to identify the preferences of costumers.

1.2 Significance of the Project-

The significance of the project is it helps to acquire and retain customers by analyzing feedbacks given from various GSM Postpaid/Prepaid users which include a comparative survey among various GSM operators in Pune.

1.3 Scope of the Project-

The scope of project should use the result to produce a document that specifically spells out what is to be excluded and included while designing strategy. Understanding the voice of customer allows you to identify customer needs and design feature to meet these needs.

To identify the needs of customer, research is conducted through questionnaire filled by 150 GSM users in Pune. Research is conducted across various geographical locations in Pune, which includes variety of subscribers like: - IT employees, business professionals, students, housewives.

1.4 Outline of the Project report –

This project report comprises of introduction about Uninor telecom, brief information about Uninor. In literature review chapter theoretical framework about service marketing and consumer behavior in telecom sector is given. In next chapter research methodology, data collection techniques are discussed. Also in same chapter data analysis is given.




The Indian telecommunications industry is one of the fastest growing in the world.The number of telecom subscribers in the country reached 621.28 million as on March 31, 2010, an increase of 3.38 per cent from 600.98 million in February 2010 and India is expected to remain the world’s second largest wireless market after China in terms of mobile connections

Classification of Telecommunication services
1. Basic services
2. Cellular services
3. Internet Service Provider (ISP)
Cellular services can be further divided into two categories: Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). The GSM sector is dominated by Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and Uninor telecom while the CDMA sector is dominated by Reliance and Tata Indicom.


67.25% of uninor is owned by Norwegian telecom giant Telenor, and 32.75% by UNITECH. Uninor has started mobile services in India at the end of 2009, focusing on the GSM technology.

Uninor is India's eighth nation-wide mobile operator, in a competitive landscape of 13 nation-wide or regional mobile operators. The company is targeting an 8 % pan-Indian market share.

To quickly launch mobile services only nine months after the foundation of the new company, Uninor has entered into network and base station service agreements with partners. Tower sharing agreements are concluded with Wireless-TT Info Service Limited.

The uninor service is currently available in 13 circles out of 22 as of June 2010:

1. Uttar Pardesh (West) and Uttrakhand
2. Uttar Pradesh (East)
3. Bihar and Jharkhand
4. Karnataka
5. Andhra Pradesh
6. Tamil Nadu
7. Kerala
8. Orissa
9. Kolkata
10. Rest Of Bengal
11. Gujarat
12. Mumbai
13. Maharashtra and Goa

Uninor India has introduced two call rate plans to attract customers to the GSM mobile service. A ‘talk more’ at 29 paise base plan and ‘call more’ at 29 paise subscription plan. These plans are designed for those customers who talk longer on their calls or those who make more than four calls a day under the basic plan the users are charged at 29p/m.

Uninor has got different tariff plans for different states. Some of them are-...

Bibliography: TEXT BOOKS-
Research Methodology- C.R.Kothari
Marketing Management- Phillip Kotler
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