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25 Questions Multiple Choice MMI Exam

Why was birth of a nation controversial?

MPAA: What does it stand for, what it does

Record business one successful record pays for the 9 that lost money. Analogy to the film business where a certain # successful and some aren’t.

Time frame for the Golden area in the film business and debate 1950-1960s

Major Film Companies list

Who stared in the Jazz Singer and what it was?

Terms: block booking, blind bidding

HUAC: House of un-American activities committee- what they investigated and where it was investigated

Tent-pole film: what is it?

What movie is an example of digital design special effect movie? Avatar

Examples of IP TV- internet protocol television. Example

When it comes to roles in the film business, who does what?

Know what the phases of how a film comes together (4 phases) development, pre-production, production, post production, : what happens in each phase

Know what the nut is

Gross theater box office and the nut What is the nut really mean? - expenses = Net Box Office ( unit 3 slide 15 and 16)

IATSE means?

If I was getting paid on the backend of the record deal and I was the artist.. Payment would be in royalties (Unit 3 slide 19 front end vs back end) residuals

Know who Philo Farnsworth: farmer guy who invents the TV got ripped off trying to get; head of RCA (know who) directed someone to be a mole – head of radio and TV

Know by decades. 1st network broadcasts, 1st colored tv

Know what TV networks were the 1st networks. Fox wasn’t

Cable tv invented? 1980s


NATPE: Function at Fountain Blue

Syndication definition

Ratings: read slides

Do not need to know top TV star earnings

Orsin Wells was a writer and producer and he also did something historically in the radio business with a radio program. : know what he did!

What decade was satellite radio introduced? Internet Radio? HD Radio?

Radio Formats
Music station : day, midday,...
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