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Topics: Television, Radio, Broadcasting Pages: 3 (1735 words) Published: August 2, 2014

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a good book” (Marx, 1984). Television is a technological phenomenon that began in black and white. Today it is a revolution of advancement. From the set top box to high definition plasmas, the television has changed the world. In order to understand how television over the 19th and 20th century changed the way we use technology, this paper will focus on the rapid pace in which new technologies are being developed, the impact television has had on radio and establishing how television was affected by the internet. Finally, delving into the relationship between television and the advertising industry. Television has proven to be a major influence for other forms of new technologies, significantly changing the way we use new technologies.

Televisions influence on the radio was considered negative. People were able to immerse themselves in visual technology. The radio could not possibly compete with this new technology, From Wireless to Web disagrees with this statement. “The introduction of television services in Australia brought vast changes to the radio industry. Radio’s serial dramas, variety and quiz shows – the mainstay of evening programming – appealed less to listeners when they discovered they could watch similar formats on television. Many listeners would rather watch films and shows imported from the United States than sit in a room and listen to a locally produced, original play on the radio. Some radio broadcasters predicted that television would be the death of radio altogether. But radio reinvented itself, and fought back powerfully on two fronts” (From the wireless to the web, 2006-2014). Radio did fight back on many avenues, the invention of the car radio brought competition. It meant that radio could be places that TV couldn't. The radio changed its reputation by challenging television as being first in the lastest news. The...

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