Mentor Reflection

Topics: Software engineering, Software development, Software development process Pages: 2 (765 words) Published: June 5, 2012
For the past two years, I’ve been an intern at at software company. This company specializes in medical imaging devices and software. I spent my first year with the company working in the Quality Assurance lab, testing their software and making sure it worked properly. After a year of testing, I was offered the chance to work in development, which I happily jumped at. For the past year, I’ve been involved in enhancing our Sentinel project, which is a part of our software that helps monitor the health of our overall system as well as collect status and performance statistics. It has been an incredible experience working. I’ve spoken too many of my other classmates, and from what I’ve heard, I was given a great opportunity. I’m definitely learning a lot and can’t wait to learn more. Looking back at the classes I’ve taken during undergrad, I can say that some prepared me for my internship, while for others, not as much. The introductory classes definitely helped instill the fundamental knowledge that I use everyday. The concepts taught in CSE8A & 8B, CSE12, and CSE100 are probably the concepts that I most look back on and use. If any undergraduate student asked me what classes were most important, I would definitely say that those are the top four on my list. Another class that I have found to be surprising useful is the CSE110 Software Engineering class. The class introduced topics in software development, including the process of development, cycles of development, and software design. Since I’ve begun working in software development, I’ve realized the importance of the development cycle. My company’s software development cycle is based on the Agile Manifesto. We currently have a system where there are two weeks sprints, where you develop for two weeks then there’s a showcase where you show what you’ve done. Showcases allow for developer to get feedback earlier on how something looks or how it was implemented, that way they can fix it sooner rather then later....
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