Media and Culture Week 6 HUM/176

Topics: Television, Reality television, Television program Pages: 4 (1263 words) Published: September 30, 2013
April 21, 2013

How has visual entertainment shaped American culture and values? The inventors of the television around the 1950’s seen an idea for the invention far before the technology was ever introduced. Most of the American’s today had a family member who had a television set in their homes by 1950 and can remember stories about the event, and media entertainment has brought its own set of challenges and benefits. Television has helped in creating our culture by the advertisements of newspapers, books, magazines by the way of content and design. In the early stages of invention, the developers thought that if the “audio waves could be separated from the electromagnetic spectrum to create radio, so too TV waves be separated to transmit visual images” (Lule, 2012, p. 603). Most probably do not know that a civil servant of Boston named George Carney had actually saw in his mind a television that was a complete working system, and he also presented drawings of a type of camera that would allow people to see things by electricity. In the 1800’s there was technology that paved the way for the invention of the television, such as; the cathode ray tube by a German named Ferdinand Braun in 1897 and was essentially created for a scanning device but its design combined camera and electricity. Other inventors throughout the course of the early 1900’s developed different areas also leading to the invention of the television set. When the television was first invented there were two types of programming, “magazine format and the TV spectacular-played an important role in helping the networks gain control over the content of their broadcasts” (Lule, 2012, p. 612). In early times a single sponsor developed and produced the television programs and because of this it gave the sponsor sole control over the show and its content. The network increased advertising costs for the program sponsors when it increased the programming from a 15 minute radio...
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