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Keith Lowe – K00184182 - Home Entertainment
MBO – William Ward
A Brief History
Home Entertainment is a very successful business in today’s world. There are many areas of it such as television, computers, smartphones, tablets, laptops, speakers such as docking stations, DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders) and much more. Home entertainment began around the 1990’s and is still improving and growing today. In the Republic of Ireland Televisions began entering the home around the 1950’s with a standard television in a few households. A couple of years later the VCR and video cassettes were being introduced and being used which widened variety and gave the first impression of an on demand content to view whenever the user wished to. Prior to televisions and home entertainment, technology for entertainment purposes was very scarce. TV’s are still today major players in the market. Televisions began with bulky and big surroundings on the product whereas today TV’s are slim, useful and convenient with many uses. A lot of them today even have internet connections and are called “Smart TV’s” The VCR was a major player in this market and was very successful across the country. When DVD’s were introduced to the market in the mid to late 1990’s the video cassette was slowly being withdrawn. They were very strong in the market and was one of the milestones in home entertainment. When video came and left the market it gave the impression to consumers that they do not have to view what is being broadcasted at a particular time but what they have purchased or rented and a time that they please. A couple of years after DVD’s launch the video had almost been vanished. As TV’s are the primary device for home entertainment they are still being sold today in many different variations. DVD’s are still strong in the market as the only successor are Blu-Ray Discs which are high definition (1080i) better than standard DVDs that are (480i). Both are still strong on the market with the competition from online video streaming. The format war of Video vs. DVD and DVD vs. Blu-Ray gave consumers more exciting approach to technology products in the home as there is always something new and different approaching. This affects the area as it shoes consumers and competitors that everything can be advanced and improved which leads to more and more production and having more and more introduced to consumers makes choice almost unlimited. With more and more formats for entertainment coming in to the market now gives people the opportunity to create or have a home entertainment system. Common Home Entertainment systems today in 2014 would include a flat screen television either 2D or in 3D, DVD Player, Music playback system, docking stations most commonly used with iPhones, iPods and iPads, game consoles such as a PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, Xbox and digital cable or satellite TV such as UPC & Sky. With all these the home entertainment system can be a very enjoyable, modern and fun experience towards the basic television viewing standards available back in 1950 and 1960. Business Models

First of all a business model is the plan made by a company to generate revenue and make a profit from what it does and how it’s being done. In Other words it’s a company saying “How can we be an operating company whilst still earning.” Companies in home entertainment would make a lot of their money from research and development. As this is an area of business that the products are always being released and in very frequent time frames, the consumers will always be looking for something new and better than the predecessor. If a company reveals a new and useful different products consumers will either be very attracted to it and buy the products or if they don’t see it as a big differ from what they already have more than likely the new product will not generate an excessive amount of income as expected. A possible business model for the business of home entertainment would be...

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