Topics: Gender role, Woman, Gender Pages: 2 (932 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Jannice Sandberg “Marriage”
Gender roles are a set of norms that describes how a man or woman should behave or what they should do. This could be for example occupation wise or position in the family. In the past the women’s position in the family has been a lot different than what it is now. Today men and women are fairly equal but in the past the men have been the ones who should work while the women should be at home taking care of what was to be done there and look after the children. This gender role, women of the past, and the desire for breaking out of it is what Janice Sandberg focuses on in the text “Marriage”. The division of genders in 1979 is clearly expressed in Janice Sandberg’s “Marriage” from the same year. Even though the 1970s were the time that made it acceptable for women to step into the industrialized world and take part in working there, the men were still the ones often working. Their wives were still meant to be at home, cleaning, cooking, watching the children, and taking care of any other work that may have been needed to be taken care of. 1979 was the year where the United Kingdom had its first female prime minister – Margaret Thatcher. Margaret Thatcher was a front figure for females as she had broken out of the traditional gender role and had rose to the top instead of sitting at home, taking care of the house and being the “wife” that Janice Sandberg describes. Janice Sandberg shortly introduces herself as a wife and a mother until she goes into explaining how she would wish that she had a wife, maybe not in the word’s most literal meaning but more in terms of her wanting to be the person in charge in the relationship and having someone by her side taking care of the duties she as a woman was expected to take care of. Without saying it directly Janice Sandberg describes that she believes the differences between men and women are wrong and that it should be others than the wife, not excluding the wives, to take care of their...
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