Marketing Plan for Tax Service Business

Topics: Customer service, Marketing, Taxation in the United States Pages: 15 (4326 words) Published: June 20, 2008
Express Tax Services Marketing Plan
Group E

Executive Summary4
2.0Situation Analysis 4
2.1Market Summary5
2.1.1Market Demographics5
2.1.2Market Needs6
2.1.3Market Trends7
2.2SWOT Analysis8
2.4Product Offering 10
2.5Keys to Success 11
2.6Critical Issues11
3.0Market Strategy11
3.2Marketing Objectives12
3.3Financial Objectives 13
3.4Target Markets13
3.7Marketing Mix14
3.8Marketing Research17

4.1Break-Even Analysis17
4.2Sales Forecast18
4.3Expense Forecast19
5.0 Controls20
5.1 Implementation 20
5.2 Market Organization21
5.3 Contingency Planning21

1.0 Executive Summary
Express Tax Services is a tax preparation company that caters to individual customers and small businesses. Express Tax Services has ten offices located in the city of Anytown, USA. Express Tax Services uses an individualized approach with each customer, therefore allowing the customer to achieve his or her desired goals in regards to tax preparation services. We also provide the customer with convenient, expedient yet accurate preparation of their tax return through offering various services such an online tax preparation.

The target market for Express Tax Services comprises several population segments: The individual customer who does not feel comfortable preparing his or her own taxes and would trust this service to a professional. The individual customer who has prepared their own taxes, but prefers verification from a tax professional and would like their taxes filed electronically to minimize the amount of time it takes to receive their refund. The small business customer who has a less than 100 employees and a gross revenue profit under $100, 000 annually. Express Tax Services will capitalize on our strengths of customer service, accuracy and knowledge to optimize our position as one of the most well-known tax preparation services along the East Coast. Express Tax Services will also implement creative marketing plans to capture new customers, retain existing customers and keep the Express Tax image in the forefront of customer’s minds throughout the year.

2.0 Situational Analysis
Express Tax Serviced is entering the first year of operation and offers expertise in tax preparation and filing methods. The products and services offered by Express Tax Services are those that individuals will need to file their federal and state taxes. Marketing these products to customers of the competitors will be the key to building a strong customer base. Competition for the products and services offered is increasing yearly. Therefore, Express Tax Services must provide services that distinguish them from their competitors.

2.1 Market Summary
Express Tax Services has done thorough research to ascertain the wants and needs of the customer base. The objective is to provide customers with expedient, convenient and accurate tax services while adhering to all federal and state laws. The information gained from the customer research will be used to create the best possible customer service experience for the customer and identify the best way to communicate with existing and new customers

2.1.1 Market Demographics
The profile for the usual Express Tax Service customer is the individual customer who chooses to have his taxes prepared and filed electronically by a tax professional. Over 40% of these customers use our products such as Refund Anticipation Loans (RAL) or IRS Direct (depositing of the customer’s refund into their bank account) Businesses with less than 100 employees are the most revenue-earning segment of our business sector. These types of...

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