Major Writing Assignment 2

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Major Writing Assignment 2: Pro/Con Lists
Create a Pro/Con List for each of the following two essays: "The Case Against Tipping" and "The Consequences of 'Carnage as Entertainment.'" They are found in your Goshgarian textbook on pages 22-26. Come up with at least one counterpoint for each issue that each essay suggests.

After creating your list for each essay, write a "Yes, but" exchange for each essay (a minimum of ½ page) that attempts to find points of disagreement, as well as common ground or shared concerns.

Using the dialogue you've constructed, deliberate on the issue of each essay. What reasons do you find most compelling? Which concerns have particular merit? Can you balance the interests of both sides of the issue?

Formulate a claim for each essay (a minimum of 1 page) that takes into account what you have learned during your deliberations and provide reasons to support it.

Submit your assignment to your instructor by the due date posted on the Course Dashboard. You may write your assignment using MS Word and attach the file.

The Case Against Tipping
Pros| Cons|
It’s a good reason to give great service| You can be spending a lot of money| Good tips are appreciated| Employers do not pay a decent wage| Efficient service| Poor tipping|
“Fast money” in hand| Not a dependable form of income| No tax on tips| Must claim all tips for taxes|

Yes, but tipping is a way of saying thank you for the nice friendly and courteous service to the waiter or waitress or the employee of the establishment. In a lot circumstances if you had a good time and received good service they will remember the tip that you give, every time they see you. But on the other side I agree that people should not expect a tip for doing there every day job, for instance when you get into a cab for a ride and they charge you a few dollars for entering, then the meter just keeps flipping even at a red light. Another is the barber who charges...
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