Main Job Roles and Functions In marks and spencers

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Main Job Roles and Functions in M&S
P1: Describe the main job roles and functions in an organisation of your choice In this report I will be talking about the main job roles that are in a business and the functions that are in organisation. I will be talking a sales assistant, floor manager, assistant manager, branch manager and director. This information will be used to describe the main job roles and the functions and the organisational structure that is within M&S. Directors:

There are lots of different types of directors. For example: a managing director is responsible for the achievement of the organization and they have to report to the chairman or the board of directors. They would have to carry out tasks in which a director would have to do like they would have to execute board approved policies, act as the spokesperson for organisations, attend board meetings and conduct staff meeting to give important information. Another type of director would be a non-executive director which means they are providing a creative gift to the board of director by contributing independent control of the executive directors. The job role of a non-executive director is to bring self-efficient and external importance to the board of governors. The executive director is responsible for the leadership of the business and how successful they get depends on him/her and the management of the company depending on the important directions the board of directors set them. The executive directors does different types of job roles; he does leadership so they compete with the Board of Directors in expanding the view of the way the business works and getting better understand of how to guide the organization to become more successful. They also do operational planning and management, HR planning and management, finance. Most of the retail business come under the functional area of Store Operations. This functions make sure that the business is running smoothly and that the employees are doing their best to sell the products in the best possible way and by making the customers happy while doing this. In M&S there lots of different types of directors: HR, Retail, Food and they have chief executive as well as they are a multi-national organsiation. HR directors mainly work in the office as they deal with paperwork and they deal with applications from applicants, but they do visit other businesses to attend meetings etc. A HR director aims to make sure that the HR department employs the right people for the right job role and they train the staff in the right manner so they have the right skills and experience for the job. Thy have to supervise all of the human resources services, policies, and there program for the whole of the business. The functional area in which a HR director comes under is the HR department because the HR director makes sure that the staff of HR are employing the right people, they are letting the right applicants have the right training etc. Branch Managers:

The job roles of a branch manager is to lead customer assistant leads customer assistant, manager and everyone in between. They have to make sure that the customers know their product as well as the staff do. A branch manager is responsible for the function of a branch office: hiring employees, approving loans, marketing the branch and helping the customers with any problems. A branch manager is also responsible for making sure that the stores goals and aims are met on time. A branch manager is in charge of a branch of a business such as M&S. The branch is usually located away from the main office. The role of the branch manager involved supervising staff and entails responsibilities. The branch manager determines and keeps an eye on the budget and ensures that the funds are allocated in order to meet its aims. The functions of a branch manager would report to a regional/ area manager. They would have to report to the regional/ area as they have to let the...
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