Mac vs. Windows

Topics: Dora the Explorer, Disney Channel, Television Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: January 28, 2014
Some people will say that there is nothing good on TV now days, well I for one would have to disagree with them. In today’s world there are just so many shows on that it is hard to say that. At my house we watch a lot of kid programs because we have a 17 month old and a newborn. The kid’s shows we watch have a lot of good qualities that they need to learn at an early age to help further them along with their learning and life’s choices. We like to watch Dora the Explorer or Jake and the Never land Pirates. Watching these programs helps to expand his thinking, or so I like to think. 1. While my son and I were watching TV the other day, I caught myself participating along with the show which happened to be Dora the Explorer. 2. I also noticed that my son had also been singing along to the best of his ability and that he was trying to pronounce some of the words. 3. He has started to pick up things a lot faster than I had imagined he would with parts of the show in Spanish. 1. Another show that my son likes to watch is Jake and the never land pirates that comes on the Disney channel. 2. He likes to sing and dance to it and will even count with the characters as they are putting away their rewards. 3. This show has helped to get him started that whenever you do something good that something good will come out of it also.

1. There is so much positive on TV now that you can always find something that will have a positive impact on your life and it may not be a Childs show.
2. Research has shown that the early years of a Childs life are the most influential and can guide them to success down the road.
3. Television is only going to be what you as a viewer make of it.
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