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Topics: Management, Percentile rank, Leadership Pages: 5 (1833 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Life Styles Inventory
Jane Doe
Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Professor John Doe

The learning styles inventory test helps people understand better the behaviors and characteristics they posses that either help or hinder a person to become a successful leader. In this paper, I will discuss the results of my learning styles inventory test. I was pleased and a little shocked to see my results. I believe the test was accurate, however, I was surprised to find out the how high I scored in certain areas. According to the Life Styles Inventory results, my primary style is conventional, and my backup style is affiliative. I have always been referred to as an “old soul” and being conventional has always been my second nature. Being conventional means you that I appreciate rules and structure. I also am reliable and follow policies. Conventionalism and accounting seem to go hand in hand, so I feel confident I can use this personality trait to succeed in my career path. The results of the LSI test concluded that being affiliative was my backup style. Affiliative means that you have a genuine concern for others, and are friendly, and cooperative. I believe this result is a true representation of me. I am not one to cause waves unless absolutely necessary. I also show a lot of empathy towards others and I am always ready to listen to others concerns. I was a little surprised; however, to see how high I scored in dependent and oppositional. I have always considered myself very independent, and very rarely oppositional. I prefer to work on my own without much help, and I am driven to succeed. These results have made me take a second look at myself, and behaviors so I can work to improve any negative qualities. I believe that my passive/defensive style could be working against my overall effectiveness as a leader. Needing approval, avoiding confrontation, and being dependent, all work against me becoming an effective leader. In my current job, I have deadlines I have to meet. Avoiding these deadlines, does not make them disappear. Instead of avoiding deadlines, I should be more organized and therefore not so overwhelmed when the deadline is approaching. This would enable me to stay on top of my work, and prevent getting behind. Being dependent is probably the one behavior that would hold me back in my overall effectiveness. Sometimes, I do notice myself being too much of a follower, and not enough of a leader. Other people’s opinions of me matter too much, and sometimes this can make it difficult to make a decision based on my own opinions. For example, when one of my subordinates is consistently late for work, it can be difficult to write them up if I allow their opinion of me to influence whether or not to I write them up. As a manager, it is my job to make sure I am getting the most productivity out of my employees. Being consistently late to work results in low productivity and does require proper disciplinary action. I cannot be a good manager, if I allow what my employees think of me to influence my leadership decisions. A leader’s personal styles have a great impact on how they manage their employees. My personal styles also determine how effective of a leader I am. There are four functions of management I will discuss next. They are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. In the area of planning, I feel that my personal style supports that I am a good planner. I scored very high in conventionalism, and feel that in order to be a good planner; you appreciate structure and dislike instability. Because I am a conventional manager, my employees always know what to expect from me. In the area of organization, I again feel that my conventionalism also helps me excel. I very much dislike working in chaos, and always prefer everything around me to be in its proper place. Being an organized manager, allows me to save a lot of time. Time is one of the most precious things in life. We truly can...
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