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Overview of Literature Review2.04
Overview of the Pet Industry2.15

Service quality theory3.06
How it applies to the Pet Shop Industry 3.18

Customer loyalty theory4.09
How it applies to the Pet Shop Industry4.110

Brief overview of Consumer behaviour
Linked to the pet industry5.011



Page No.
Figure 1 Service Concept6
Figure 2 Servqual Method7
Figure 3 Zone of Tolerance7
Figure 4 Customer Loyalty10

2.0 Overview of Literature Review

A literature review is a “systematic, explicit and reproducible method for identifying, evaluating, and synthesizing the existing body of completed recorded work produced by researchers, scholars, and practitioners” (Fink and Lundqvist et al., 2010). The purpose of this chapter is developing a comprehensive understanding of the topic and theories that surround it.

A review of a literature should draw conclusions and implications for the proposed research programme. The literature review should make clear to the reader just how the proposed research relates to the existing body of literature. (Veal, 1997)

Jesson and Matheson et al., 2012 explained why we do a literature review as an academic task. The literature review is where you show that you are both aware of and can interpret what is already known and where eventually you will be able to point out the contradictions and gaps in existing knowledge.

2.1 Overview of the Pet Industry

Firstly, the definition of pet used for this research project is: “Any domesticated or tamed animal that is kept in the home as a companion and treated kindly” (, 2014)

In 2013 it is estimated that 13 million (45% of) households have pets.  The pet population has increased by 4 million to almost 71 million – that’s 24.5 million excluding fish (, 2014).

According to PMFA, 2014 each region in the UK has a varying pet population and below is the regional data based on research 2011-2013 for the South East - showing the percentage of the population with each pet type: Indoor Fish: 9%

Outdoor Fish: 8%
Cats: 21%
Dogs: 21%
Rabbits: 2%
Guinea Pigs: 1%
Indoor Birds: 3%
Hamsters: 1%
Sample Size: 864
These statistics have allowed pet stores in the south east to see what the most popular animals are and how they can increase sales and marketing.

Within the pet industry there are items of absolute necessity including pet food, accessories and insurance. Pet food is the largest item accounting for three quarters of the whole industry (Maitland, 2014). This is likely to decline over time, although changes in brands and quality may change.

Therefore, a place to purchase these items and get the right advice is essential to the owners and their pets.

3.0 Service Quality

Parasuraman et al. (1985) defined service quality as “the global evaluation or attitude of overall excellence of services”. So, service quality is the difference between customer expectation and perceptions of services delivered by service firms. Nitecki et al. (2000) defined service quality in terms of “meeting or exceeding customer expectations, or as the difference between customer perceptions and expectations of service”. (Wang and Shieh, 2006, pp. 193—209)

In the services sector literature, strong emphasis is placed on the significant importance of service quality perceptions...

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