Lisa Baxter gvv script

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Developing a Voice - Lisa Baxter

Script 1
The company’s image
The employees
The female employees
The women employees
Lisa Baxter
Senior executives
The people who are harassing the women in the organization
Gvv argument
Gvv Counter Argument
Lisa Baxter has been encountering sexual harassment issues in the business and she thought she was the only one, until she found out that also other women in the organization are getting sexually harassed and so she decides to speak up A meeting with the women going through issues of sexual harassment and the executives taking initial responsibility to punish or warn people harassing women.

Some senior executives had gathered up in one of the senior executives meeting, Lisa Baxter had already booked an appointment asking them to lend her some of their time in the board room, to talk about something in the organisation that has been going on but barely noticed. Lisa Baxter entered the Board room a little nervous: good morning gentlemen All replied together: Morning.

Sam (one of the senior executive): You look a little nervous there, don’t be afraid. Lisa: I’m not afraid, (hesitantly she decided to get directly to the point) I have called you all to tell you about the things going on in this organization and you have no clue on the existence of this issue. Bakhem: That is impossible I know every detail about this business there Is nothing that can stay hidden from me. You better be right Lisa, I am not going to tolerate any nonsense and waste of time. Shawn (third Senior executive) : Give the girl a chance will you, let her explain what she has discovered. Lisa(to Mr.Shawn) : Thank you Mr. Shawn, (towards all the members) I believe that the women In this company are sexually being harassed. Bakhem: I don’t believe you

Lisa: Sir, please do let me explain, this started a while ago, I went to visit a client at his site, I met the company representative and he told me to succumb to his advances or the firm wount get the project. Bakhem: That does not prove anything.

Lisa: That is just the beginning sir, I went on the offsite team meeting, a senior partner and vice president handed me his room key and told me he cant concentrate in the meeting and I come see him in the evening. Bakhem: Maybe he couldn’t really concentrate.

Sam: Stop being so hard on her Mr. Bekhem, maybe she has a point to all this. Lisa, did anything else happen? And where do all the women in the organization come in? Lisa: Yes, recently Mr. James, the senior manager has tried to pressure me for his advances, and yes here is where the other women employees come in. I found out after this incident that with me also other women in the organization are being targeted, women who are even more junior than me. Shawn: Well I must say we cant miss judge her, she’s got a point. But lisa If I may ask, what did you do in all these situations. Lisa: Nothing sir, I ignored these offers.

Sam: And did they take any actions?
Lisa: No, none of them did.
Sam: Why dint you report me this earlier?
Lisa: I was uncertain, young and a junior.
Bakhem: You understand that this is not enough evidence to prove that this Is really happening in the company. Shawn: Yeah, can’t deny that, you need to get more information on this issue or let it go, you have two options. Lisa: Sir, there are women out there getting sexually harassed. Shawn: We need concrete evidence that you are saying the truth, I hope you understand we cant take any actions without knowing for sure if that problem exists. Lisa: Why would I be lying sir . . .

Shawn (cutting lisa off): As much as I want to believe you right now, I can’t, to take any action I have to prove myself right in front of my boss. Lisa: I understand sir.
Sam: Great then get us some concrete evidence, talk to some of the women in the company that are experiencing the same problem and ask them to confront us, an we will support them. Lisa: Sir what if, we...
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