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Chabot Swim Club


Welcome to the Chabot Swim Club Lifeguard Staff.

Splat! There’s some zinc/oxide on your nose. Now you are official.

Below are a few of the rules and guidelines you will need to follow and enforce. Please use good judgment when enforcing pool rules and if there is ever a question, contact a board member. Phone numbers of the board members are posted in the lifeguard room.


1. It is your duty to report to work on time, dressed and ready to work. 2. You are responsible for the safety and well being of all club members and their guests. 3. You are responsible for enforcing/reminding everyone about the rules of the swim club. 4. You are responsible for performing the opening duties, closing duties, unassigned guard duties, and lifeguard room duties when you are in these positions or shifts. 5. You are responsible for opening and closing the pool and maintaining the cleanliness of the facility. 6. You are responsible for identifying dangerous situations and taking steps to protect the club members and their guests.

The following is a list of guidelines, expectations, procedures and responsibilities for all lifeguards. Head Lifeguard and Senior Lifeguard responsibilities are also included in this list.

In general lifeguards shall have NO visitors while on duty. You can hang with your homies at other times.


Make sure that you always punch in when you arrive to work your shift and punch out when your shift has ended. It is your responsibility to keep track of the time you work. If there are any problems make sure that you talk to the Senior Lifeguard on duty so that they can report the problem to a Head Lifeguard. Errors and correction to time cards require approval and initials from a Head Lifeguard.

I know it’s fun but you also get paid!

Lifeguards are paid every two weeks. A folder for each lifeguard is kept in the lifeguard room. Your timecards are kept here and your paycheck will be placed here for you to pick up.

Lifeguards at the Chabot Swim Club are paid as follows:
1. All lifeguards are paid by the hour.
2. Lifeguard pay starts at $8.00 an hour.
3. For each additional year, lifeguards are paid an additional $1.00 ($0.75 until this years) per hour. 4. If you are asked to work more than 8 hours in one day, you will be paid time and a half for any time over 8 hours. 5. If you work on the following holidays you will be paid time and a half: • Easter

• Memorial Day
• 4th of July
• Labor Day

Florida state law requires you to take an unpaid meal break if your work shift is more than 6 hours. Meal break are 30 minutes long and you will need to punch out and then back in when your meal break is over. Meal breaks need to be coordinated with the Senior Lifeguard to make sure there is adequate lifeguard coverage. During a meal break you may leave the club grounds.

Florida state law also entitles you to a 10 minute paid rest break for every four hours of work. You may choose whether you would like to take a rest break or not. Rest breaks need to be coordinated with the Senior Lifeguard to make sure there is adequate lifeguard coverage. During a rest break you may not leave the club grounds.

Be happy, positive and helpful. Profanity is never acceptable.

The uniform is a shirt, red or blue shorts, a whistle, and a hat when needed. When cold, a sweatshirt and sweatpants are okay. No tight clothes. (If you are not dressed appropriately, you will be sent home.)

No No’s
The following things will not be tolerated and could end up in you losing your job as a lifeguard: 1. Not showing up for work. Being late is one thing, not showing up is another. The first time you will get written up, the second time we will find...
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