Level of Customer Satisfaction in School Cafeteria Using SERVQUAL Model

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Level of Customer Satisfaction
in a School Cafeteria
Using the SERVQUAL Model

A Research Paper

Presented to
The Faculty of Manila Tytana College of Accountancy and Management MANILA TYTANA COLLEGES
Pasay City

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Degree



Customers are the ones who make the business survive, and it is the personnel who provide services to the customers (Maya Kitchen, 2004), therefore, the personnel must exert great efforts to build and earn the trust of the customers in order for them to have a repeated transaction and business with the customers. Customer service is a key factor in achieving business success (Karl 2009); consequently, achievement of customer satisfaction must be the major objective in all organizations. To achieve customer satisfaction, an organization has to provide high quality products and excellent customer service. A customer is satisfied when a service or product meets or went beyond their expectation (Gerson 1993). Measuring service quality has no fixed determinant, for each person have different views, perspectives and opinions, unlike product quality. Product quality has precise and measurable indicators like durability, reliability, and other substandard which make it more reasonably easy to determine the level of quality. Although, from an renowned article made by Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry in 1985, they propose that customer satisfaction may be assessed in accordance on five primary dimensions of service quality namely: tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy, the model is named as SERVQUAL. SERVQUAL is an empirically derived process that may be used by a services association to develop service quality. The method involves the progress of an understanding of the supposed service needs of customers. “ A cafeteria has a pre-set menu of four or several different foods that the user has to pick from” (http://www.DifferenceBetween.info.com, 2013). In an institution where your market are adolescents, a cafeteria must be able to keep up with today’s competitive environment in the food industry. “Adolescents prefer more tasty and trendy food, so they eat a lot of fast food and instant snacks, which is affected by food commercials and convenience” (The Food and Drug Association, 2007). And for this reason, some students still go out and buy food from a different food chain. Therefore, to gain a competitive edge, the food operator of the cafeteria may need to fully study their weakest and strongest points and search for effective and creative ways to attract, build and retain relationships with students. A cafeteria in Manila Tytana Colleges was used as a venue to conduct a study in determining the level of customer satisfaction with the use of the SERVQUAL model. Determining the level of customer satisfaction can help the business identify parts of the cafeteria that needs improvement. By indicating specified criteria, they may estimate the quality of given products and provided services in order to measure the situation of the cafeteria and help the food operator improve the quality of their products and services as well as determining whether they are fit to serve the customers inside the school.

Background of the Study

In a hospital, call center buildings, universities and school and any other establishment that holds numerous people, a cafeteria is present. From the dictionary, a cafeteria is defined as “A food establishment in which customers serve themselves or are served at the counter and take food to tables to eat” (Merriam Webster 2012). From that definition, we can conclude why it is more affordable than restaurants and fastfood chains; simply because it doesn’t require “spoon-fed” service; unlike in restaurants where they serve the customer in...
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