Legal and Ethical Issues

Topics: Copyright, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, United States copyright law Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Legal and ethical issues associated with modern technologies Lester Moore
March 05,2012
John A Wojtecki

Legal and ethical issues associated with modern technologies Week five technology proposal to WPX Energy was to implement a combination of technologies into their training program to allow new employees to become productive members of the company and retain all the information pertaining to their new position. the first proposal was for the company to create a virtual bulletin board between the company and new hires to allow new hires to look for information about the company and ask management question. create multimedia videos of new hires duties to allow them to learn a task faster. finally create a company database that allows the new hire to receive real time information about the company this will allow the new hires to see how their contribution will contribute to the company. There will be legal and ethical issues associated with any technology that allow for communication verbal or written, storing or gathering private and personal information, or displaying pre-recorded or printed copyright material. the biggest challenges that a company and its employees can face is privacy issues by individual and companies. individuals that may challenge privacy are hackers and system operators both have access to root directories and can read everything. the challenges a company may have on privacy is monitoring employees under the ECPA, companies can monitor their employees. The biggest ethical concerns and legal issue is the appropriate use of technology, technology is advancing everyday and one type of technology tool can be used in many ways causing an ethical concern or legal issue. WPX will have to address these concerns when implementing the new proposal, the information from the database can be pasted on to other companies when employees leave, multimedia videos can be copy and sold, and virtual bulletin board can be used to post un-work...
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