Learning and Education

Topics: Learning, Epistemology, Educational psychology Pages: 3 (934 words) Published: April 24, 2011
LEARNING-TO-BE: TOWARDS UNDERSTANDING BERNARD LONERGAN TRANSCENDENTAL PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION. The author postulates that Lonergan’s theory of education is something not to be neglected, as it is grounded by integral philosophy of human consciousness that is, it calls to being aware to oneself. As to learning oneself, is the most authentic way to achieve the fullness of being a human. That, by engaging oneself to learn is an essential aspect for human development. Transcendental Philosophy of Lonergan involves the integration between knowing and being. It is learning when you come to discover the real you and yourself is a reason to learn. Transcendental Philosophy is a method that requires self-consciousness that goes along with being attentive, intelligent, reasonable and responsible of which, these is necessary for authentic living. An overview of Lonergan’s Theory of Knowledge

Human knowing as claimed by Lonergan is a dynamic structure that refers to a whole but with parts that uniquely distinct yet is functionally related with each other. Knowing is a structure of interrelated operations thus, it refers to a dynamic structure of several cognitional activities to which: Consciousness vis-a-vis self knowledge, Conscious consciousness, and unequal access to different cognitional activities, different qualities of human knowing, external and internal experience, and achievement of integration. These, in every act, yields to universe of “being”. As a being, it provokes one to think, allowing human knowing as a mode of being. In his words, without objective knowing, there is no authentic living.

Philosophy of Education: A Correlation
Philosophy, in relation to education, serves as a guiding element for the achievement of its vision and direction. Through philosophy, it enables individual to discover its being within its self and is done through the process of deep committed thinking. Education in general, is a...
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