Key Terms of Early Human Socities

Topics: Han Dynasty, China, Confucius Pages: 3 (772 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Zhou: had alliance system with regional princes and nobles (feudalism) - eventually princes disregarded the central government. Extended territory of China to Middle Kingdom (between Huang He and Yangtze). Mandate of Heaven- justification for Chinese Imperial rule. Banned human sacrifice and standard language was Mandarin. Shi Huangdi: First emperor during the Qin dynasty. He ended the feudal system. Expanded the territory of China south. Started to build the Great Wall to guard against invasions. Relied heavily on conscripted labor. Executed people that criticized him. Also burned books that weren't about agriculture because he didnt want people to be educated, he just wanted them to work in the fields. Qin: 221-207 BCE Qin SHi Huangdi was the first emperor. ^ Had a national census (people count) Uniform written language, standardized coins, weights, measures. Irrigation Projects. Built road systems for communication. manufactured silk. Han: 202 BCE -220 CE. Maintained the centralization of power established by the Qin, but reduces the repression. Expanded territory into Korea and Indochina. Period of Peace. SUPPORTED CONFUCIANISM. (Built shrines, stressed Confucian Values) They were invaded by the Xiongnu. Attempted to appease the Xiongnu by offering them tribute and arranged marriages. Crossbow created and defeated the Xiongnu and stretched Chinese territory to Central Asia. Emperor Wudi. Xiongnu: Invaded the Han Dynasty. They were a nomadic group from Central Asia that often invaded Chinese villages and trade centers. They were defeated by the Han after trying to invade. Confucius: Kong Fuzi (Kong Philosopher)

Confucianism: Started by Confucius. in China, Korean Peninsula, and Indochina. had Analects, Doctrine of the Mean, Mencius, and Great Learning (all holy/ sacred texts. Respect for social superiors (fathers/ husbands) (Xioa- filial piety- honoring of the family bond between a child and his/her parents) Ren (humaness) relationship between...
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