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Topics: Management, Board of directors, Effect Pages: 3 (765 words) Published: September 7, 2012
Abstract The Clean Brite Company (CBC) Ltd and Scrubaway Allbrigte Ltd (SAL) are two Cleaning Product Supplier Company being to Merger into CBC. Company sale there product by Web, using e-commerce and also Tale sale by phone where customer have unable to buy product form web after merger two company looking some of problem one is distinct organizational cultures anther is the IS department do not satisfy other department and customer for that reason company decide to make a new “Home Order Processing System” to cover the all of exiting problem. P a g e | 1

Table of contents
Section A
Section B
Section C
P a g e | 2
Introduction: The Information System is defining a good information flow in a origination. The CBC system merges within two Companies and there have some problem with flow of information system and distinct organizational cultures. Then I find out the problem where is come by using rich picture in section A and proposed a new “Home Order Processing System” using the Use Cases Diagram tools in Section B then I discuses the Benefit and weakness about those tools which using to make the system in Section C. P a g e | 3

Section A Requirements analysis using rich pictures A1. Drawing a rich picture for the complicit Clean Brite Company (CBC) Ltd P a g e | 4
A2.1: How did I identify the key actors in the environment? In my assignment case study “Clean Brite Company (CBC) Ltd” and Scrubaway Allbright Ltd (SAL) Merger into one company and there have many Key actors showing in my rich picture those are- 1. CBC Staff: Clean Brite Company (CBC) Ltd has many staff they are maintain daily operational activity for the system like organization-wide stock control system, administrative work its effect organization that why I identify “CBC Staff” as a key actor. 2. SAL Staff: Scrubaway Allbright Ltd (SAL) has more staff for maintain day-to-day operational...
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