Is the Customer “Always Right”?

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Is The Customer “Always Right”?


The customer is always right. It is the merchant’s wealth to safeguard the interests of customers. Many sellers think that some the customer is unreasonable and vulgar. Customer is always right for three reasons. First, the customer is always right is not the criterion of distinguished between right and wrong but is the criteria of the service work because the focus of the work is how to help customers make the right choices, and how to provide good service to customers. Next, understand the psychology of the customer can help employees easily cope with them. It is can make the seller better serving the customers and make customers to have a higher level of satisfaction. Finally, allowing guests to be picky, can improve the quality of companies and salespeople. The example of Apple and Nokia demonstrates that picky customers can make the seller better serving the customers and make customers to have a higher level of satisfaction. The survival and development of enterprises rely on the trust and support of the customer. Like Zhang (as cited in Gluckman, the last paraphrase 2012) said “we will always be wrong”. So we will do better!

Is The Customer “Always Right”?

The customer is always right. Many people don’t think so, because when customers walk into a store, the clerk gives many different kinds of merchandise for them to choose from. However some customers will complain about the products. Some sellers think that some customers are picky and unreasonable. Nevertheless, no matter what kinds of the customers go into the store, regardless of the attitudes and tempers, they are "Gods", since they bring large amount of profit for the business. Therefore, customer is always right and I have three reasons.

First of all, the customer is always right" is the goal of service work, not distinguishing between right and wrong. Also, the slogan "the customer is always...
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