Is it suitable to use censorship in media?

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Is it suitable to use censorship in media?
Media is the mean to deliver the message to audiences. People are constantly exposed to many kinds of media each day including television, radio, and ever-growing popularity of the internet. Humans at every age and gender are unavoidably consuming information. For example, they would see a whitening lotion advertisement on the small screen in the sky train or unintentionally watch a fight scene in a soap opera on television at street side restaurant. However, some information may not be at all appropriate without a proper guidance. Therefore, censorship is suitable to be used in media.

The first reason is that people might be misled by inappropriate information in media if censorship is not used as not every people have the same education background and experience. Children are a great example for this case. For instance, when they see the main character in the television series smokes, they would smoke too because their innocences make believe that what the main character does is fancy. Lastly, it is more realistic not to eliminate all unsuitable contents and use censorship as a teaching tool for audiences. In reality, it is unavoidable not to see indecent behavior. Therefore, censorship could be useful to be a teaching material for every audience. The media, however, must mention about the consequences of these inappropriate actions.

To conclude, censorship in media is beneficial to society as a whole. It can be used to avoid misleading the information and as a teaching technique for everyone. Media is a powerful source of information that could influence the thoughts of its message receivers. Guiding people by pointing out what not to do and learning by a wrong example would be effective if it is done with the support from every institution including media and the audiences themselves.
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