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Topics: Stock, Stock market, Board of directors Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: January 11, 2014
Investment Journal 1 ( 11th Nov to 17th Nov)
For the first week of investment, I was looking through the net for news regarding property (real estate) companies that are listed on the SGX. What I was looking for was a stable and reputable company that is well known in the market. The stock that managed to catch my eye was Wing Tai. In the above article dated 14 Jan 2013, it shows that Wing Tai is the best performing stock under the firm’s (Nomura) coverage. Even though the article is dated at the start of the year, it led me to believe that Wing Tai is a stock with a high growth potential and would result in high returns. The next article dated 29 October 2013 provides opinions of other investors on Wing Tai. They continue to recommend buying Wing Tai’s stock as the company’s results are in line with expectations and there is already a 64% take up rate of their newest project – Tembusu. The article further explains that the Tembusu’s profits would start earning profits in June 2014. Seeing that Wing Tai’s projects are so well- received by the general public as well as other investors, it suggests that Wing Tai is a good stock to buy into. The last concluding article is dated 5 November 2013. It states that Temasek has appointed Mr. Cheng Wai Keung, the current director of Wing Tai Holdings, as the deputy chairman of its board. Mr Cheng is a very reputable man with many achievements and experiences across the various sectors. This recent article is the concluding factor that confirmed my decision to buying into Wing Tai Holdings as I believe this appointment would greatly improve Wing Tai’s reputation as a company. Hence on the 12 November 2013, I bought 10000 of Wing Tai’s shares at 1.9950 per share. Wing Tai’s share...
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