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Topics: Television, IPTV, Broadcasting Pages: 4 (1242 words) Published: October 23, 2010
Internet television is a new technological concept which offers television shows over high-speed internet. This means that an internet user can access his favorite shows online and on-demand. It is also similar to podcasting in many ways. Both Microsoft and Apple have these technologies to offer, such as Windows™ Media Center and the Apple TV® respectively. But how about the other companies, what are their positions about this? This paper would talk about and deal with internet TV, its advantages and how it influences companies to adopt new policies. Internet Television

In internet television, the video files or the shows to watch are already on the companies’ servers and ready to download. The hardware setup may consist of the following: a television with an internet TV decoder box such as TiVo™, or a computer with a program responsible for digital subscription. The shows are not free to download. There are many reasons for the rise of the internet TV industry, one of which was the dawn of BitTorrent and other P2P (person-to-person) programs where downloading free TV shows are possible, and the companies wanted to tackle the “pirates” behind the free downloading scene. Changes in TV History

From the time the television was invented in the 1930’s, the world has never been the same. People can now watch films in the comfort of their homes, advertising has become more and more imaginative and educational shows have made life easier thanks to the television. The entertainment value of the radio shows that became television shows have also increased due to the visual aspect of these shows.

Now that the technology of internet television has evolved, it had changed the history of television. Now people will never miss their favorite shows because they can download from the TV station’s episode archives anytime and every time of the day. They can also get the same streaming quality like the broadcasts. They can also get videos which have subtitles...

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