Internet Marketing Proposal

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Internet Marketing Proposal
I have decided to complete the Internet Marketing Project alone. I do believe that I would be able to fully learn and explore the world of Internet Marketing. As a Business Management major, I am aware of the importance of Internet Marketing. It is important to determine the key elements that attract customers and be able to let them know that those demands can be met over the internet. Today, technology is heavily used by customers. The internet is a powerful tool to get connected to these customers. In order to supply the information or to make customers aware of a certain product that is offered over the internet, businesses need to be aware of what customers want or need. To supply that information, an Information System software program should be in place. Without this software, it is unlikely to reach the customers that want or need a certain product. For this Internet Marketing Project, I plan to discuss a business that uses Information System software to influence marketing on the internet. I also plan to compare that business to a business that does not use an Information System software to better determine how use the internet to attract customers. The two businesses that I plan to focus are Shoe Station and Shoe Fetish. Shoe Station is a store that uses an Information System software to understand how to market to customers over the internet. A smaller shoe store named Shoe Fetish is a business that does not use an Information System software to better understand how to market to customers with the use of the internet. I plan to go in detail and discuss the positive and negative effects that this software has on internet marketing with these two businesses.
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