Internal & External Customers

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AO1 Internal and External Customer Needs at Cadbury World

Internal Customers:

Staff: At Cadbury world the staff are constantly training and working on how to communicate with the customers, always training to maintain their expectations and how they can improve. They can improve. They have this training course called Welcome Host for managers. ( and here they learn how to have good customer service. There are different training courses they have to take part of and these are how to present with confidence, they have to learn how to present with confidence because they have to present it with confidence like they know what they are saying without hesitating because then it shows the customers that they are taking it seriously and if they don’t know and they are looking down or just reading of the presentation and are not speaking clearly to the customers. For example if they can not understand them and they said something important and the customers didn’t hear it and there was an accident it would technically be the employees fault for not informing them. So therefore they know how to do it properly and therefore there are no mistakes and the customers will like their service and will most likely to come back. Another course that they do is fire marshalling. Here they learn how to deal with fire and if there was one what do they have to do. How to inform the visitors if there is a fire and how to keep the customers under control and make sure they don’t wonder off etc. Other courses are influencing skills which is where the employees try to make the customers come back by giving them a good service. They also learn First aid so that if there was any accident the employees are aware of what to do. The appearance of the employees at Cadbury World has to be smart and formal and they have to look professional. They do have do this because over 80% of their messages come from their gestures and therefore. Their body language and...
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