Infosys Case Study

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The Infosys story
Executive Story

TBD – Around ¾ page of executive story for the case that will be summarizing the whole write up.

Infosys Introduction
Infosys today is third largest IT consulting and services firm with revenues of US$7.2 billion (LTM Q3 FY13) – by serving clients from over 30 countries. Infosys also has a global presence in terms of its workforce, with more than 155,000 employees across 67 offices and 69 development centers in the United States, India, China, Australia, Japan, Middle East, and Europe. Infosys Founding

Infosys was started in Jan 1981 by seven software engineers, most of whom were ex-employees of Patni Computer Systems an Indian Software development firm. Narayan Murthy convinced six of his colleagues to quit their jobs and focus on their passion of entrepreneurship, starting Infosys in the room of Murthy’s house financed by $250 borrowed from Murthy’s wife. The founders recognized a growing demand for customized software and saw this is an opportunity for suppliers in India. They were focused on developing and delivering high quality customized software to clients in America. Even today two thirds of the company’s revenues are generated from customers in United States. Narayan Murthy

Narayan Murthy had the biggest influence of all the founders in shaping the work culture, values and policies at Infosys. His personal values of being a compassionate capitalist i.e. using the rewards of capitalism to bring about social good deeply impacted the company’s policies towards its employees, customers and shareholders. While he stepped down as Executive Chairman in 2011, Narayan Murthy has been recognized with numerous rewards for his contribution to Infosys and India’s IT industry1. Infosys growth story

Infosys struggled during the initial years of its existence from 1981-1990, before its growth aspirations were unleashed by the 1990 economic reforms in India. These economic reforms eased the access to foreign computers,...

References: 1.
a. Narayan Murthy was voted World Entrepreneur of the Year – 2003 by Ernst and Young
b. The Economist ranked Narayan Murthy eight on the list of the 15 most admired global leaders in 2005
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